ExecuServe Relocation Services

How we work with candidates or new hires

House with calculator

1. Understand the Candidate’s needs 

Typically your recruiting efforts identify a handful of key candidates. That may be the time you call on ExecuServe. We appreciate any background information you can supply: Is the recruit married or single? Both spouses working? If they have children, how many and what ages?
If at all possible, we like to do a phone interview with the candidate to answer those questions and to learn about housing priorities — number of bedrooms, square footage, preferred commuting distance, property type (single-family vs. townhouse/condo).  We also work up approximate numbers on what their purchasing price range is, based on savings, salary or salaries, and equity in current home (if applicable). We also like to get an idea of cultural, recreational, and lifestyle preferences that may affect their relocation.

2. Familiarize the Candidate with the local real estate market

ExecuServe educates recruits about the Los Angeles area, calibrating the amount of information to the recruit’s pre-existing knowledge.  Prior to a recruit’s arrival for interviews, ExecuServe sets up a system that e-mails them daily with descriptions of properties that meet their criteria as they've described them to us. With prices, extensive descriptions, and photos, they are prepared for the local real estate market beforehand.

3. Brief and orient the Candidate

We take the candidate (and family members, as available) on a tour of neighborhoods of interest, often showing them sample properties that they noticed in their emails. During the tour, we talk about commuting distances, air quality, reputations of schools in various areas, etc. We are not trying to sell homes at this stage; the properties merely illustrate some of the options. Our primary goal is to demonstrate that the real estate side of the relocation equation is doable so that they can focus on the professional opportunities when considering the job offer.

4. Coordinate all aspects of relocation

After the recruit has accepted the job, ExecuServe can coordinate all aspects of relocation as needed. We can help sell the recruit's existing home in their current location, arrange for short term housing, and conduct a thorough search for their new home here in the Los Angeles area.
When we find the property that's the best fit, we guide the buyer through the purchase process with escrow companies and lenders, and provide information helpful in choosing schools or finding a job for a spouse.