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ExecuServe can help your company's recruiting

Hitting the target

Your top candidates are thinking about more than the job you're offering. They're also weighing lifestyle choices. When a job's in Los Angeles, they may have unspoken fears about the kind of home they can afford or the length of the freeway commute.

That's where ExecuServe can help your company. As relocation experts, our job is to help your top candidates and incoming executives picture their new lives in Los Angeles. We handle the real estate aspects of recruiting so you can focus on your business needs.
The idea behind ExecuServe

House as maze

Candidate vs. new hire?

On this website, we use "candidate" and "new hire" almost interchangeably. We work with both — and we can help you decide the best time to get us involved. Likewise, "executive" means not only traditional business executives but other high-value professionals, including doctors, engineers, scientists, technology specialists, professors and creative personnel. Our process